Axél adopts an analysis system for texts, images and videos, able to comprehend and organize them.
It allows access to company’s knowledge through custom conversational interfaces and the achievement of results each other connected on the basis of configured criteria.



Axél combines different analysis methods for documents, images and videos, in order to get their meaning and context, as well as their internal relations, through human-like processes.
Differently from traditional systems, Axél uses its exclusive algorithms to convert any type of content into structured data and creates highly sophisticated relations, by applying its advanced grammar rules.


Axél provides companies with an exclusive offer of its content and base of knowledge. It can effectively simplify corporate database management and bring benefits to both their internal and external users, as it allows to instantly retrieve information from the net, the intranet and the helpdesk service.
Axél creates even more than a simple browser: it creates conversational interfaces, realized to surf across arguments and concepts, and can be easily combined with already existing operating softwares. It supports a very advanced type of research and by its highly sophisticated proprietary algorithms, it gets excellent results.


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